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International Women’s Day Offer!

8th to 15th March, 2017.

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October 27, 2014

Akshara Eye Hospital in association with IIM Bangalore conducts free eye camp for EPGP Prayaas initiative.

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October 3, 2014

Our MD, Dr. Ashish Kumar featured in Udaya News for a live chat show on eye care.

September 15, 2014

Akshara Eye Hospital featured along with Director, Shailesh Kumar by IIMB Alumni Association.

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August 31, 2014

TV9 and News9 coverage of Inauguration of Akshara Eye Hospital by Shri UT Khader.

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Past Events

Aarogya Utsav Camp in Udupi district

November 9 2014

The Akshara Eye Hospitals team conducting free screening at Aarogya Utsav camp in Udupi district. Addressing healthcare needs in Tier 2 towns needs a well rounded professional approach..together with an entrepreneurial spirit!

Free eye screening camp

October 22 2014

Akshara Eye Hospitals is partnering with IIM Bangalore to conduct free eye screening camp for the underprivileged. Please pass on the message to people you see in your neighbourhood who can benefit from the same.

Eye screening and correction camp

November 9 2014

Eye screening and correction camp conducted on 2nd October 2014 at BTM Layout,Bangalore with Rotary Club.. First in a series of outreach programs to be powered by Akshara Eye Hospitals.

Inauguration of our maiden center in Bangalore

September 2 2014

“Screening camps for eye diseases is key”, “Differentiate through quality of service”, “Follow your vision of social outreach and education”, “A class surgeons for A class clinical outcomes” .. these were some of the messages conveyed by the guests of honor at the inauguration of our maiden center in Bangalore. A big thank you to all those who turned up to back the hospital and the promise it holds. For those who could not make it, some photos and videos will soon follow, but for now we have a snippet from the media coverage.

Opening ceremony of our maiden center off Bannerghatta Road

August 31 2014

We would be privileged to host you at the opening ceremony of our maiden center off Bannerghatta Road. Please do join us in celebrating this landmark event and take the opportunity to listen to accomplished professionals share their experiential insights, have a preview of the hospital’s facilities and indulge in some delectable snacks! Sunday, 31st August at 4:30pm.

Startups are great…for everybody!

August 31 2014

Startups are great…for everybody! Startups re-energize, change perspectives, create new value propositions, raise the bar for incumbents, challenge conventions and better the systems. And so starting up, though exciting can be challenging, even unnerving at times. Perhaps more so in healthcare where age old practices and value systems need serious rethinking and pushing back. Its not easy, but no change has ever been..and that’s what drives this new kid on the healthcare block.

Caring for those who care for us


Akshara Eye Hospitals conducts free screening for South Bangalore police and traffic police teams.

DON’T GO BLIND FROM DIABETES: Free Eye Test for all Diabetics- 14th to 18th December at Akshara Eye Hospital

What is it?
It refers to eye problems people with diabetes may have, which include:

DIABETIC RETINOPATHY: Damage to the blood vessels in the retina. This is the most common complication.

GLAUCOMA: Damage to the optic nerve.

CATARACT: Clouding of the lens of the eye.


The longer you have diabetes, the higher your risk of getting diabetic eye disease.

This can be detected very easily by a comprehensive dilated eye examination by your Eye Doctor.

Clouding of the lens


Non Proliferative DiabeticRetinopathy Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy