Cataract Services


We offer accurate diagnosis of the stage of the cataract and whether it needs surgery or not.
If the patient has a cataract, then he/she is subjected to certain measurements of the eye- corneal curvature as determined by keratometry and measurement of the axial length of the eyeball by a-scan.

If a patient requires a toric intra-ocular lens(IOL) or opts for a premium multifocal IOL, then he/she is subjected to advanced diagnostic tests to determine the accurate IOL type and power suited to their eye.

After all the tests are done, the patient is advised by the doctor about the procedure and the date for surgery is fixed.
Cataract microsurgery is performed in a modular operation theatre with laminar air flow facility, the best as per operation theatre guidelines by NABH(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals). In most of the patients, no injection is required prior to surgery.

After surgery, the patient needs to apply drops to his/her eyes for 4 to 6 weeks.

Paediatric Ophthalmology and Squint Services


We offer the entire range of child eye health needs, right from basic spectacle correction, treatment of eye allergy , diagnosis and treatment of squint, glaucomas and cataracts in children.

If a child has squint, it is evaluated by a Paediatric Ophthalmologist as to the type and degree of squint. It is then determined whether it can be corrected with glasses ,patchingor needs a surgical correction.

If surgical correction is required in a young child, it is done under general anaesthesia.
Congenital naso-lacrimal duct obstruction , in which the infant has watering of either one or both eyes by birth, initially will be taught sac massage as most of them open up by proper sac massage, rarely may need opening of the passage by syringing or surgery.
Amblyopia( refer to section on patient information) may need patching of the better eye and close supervision.

Paediatricglaucomas and cataract are also managed as per the stage of the disease.

Retina Services


We offer advanced and accurate diagnostic and treatment modalities for the entire range of retinal diseases.

A patient with retinal problem due to diabetes, hypertension, vascular disease and age related macular degenerationwill need a dilated examination using a 90 dioptre lens and/or with a 20 dioptre lens( indirect ophthalmoscopy).

They may have to undergo a fundus fluorescein angiography(FFA) and Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT).

Treatment modalities include laser photocoagulation, injection of drugs/implants into the vitreous cavity or vitreo-retinal surgery.

Glaucoma Services


A patient with glaucoma has an increased pressure in the eye(intra-ocular pressure or IOP) which leads to damage to the optic nerve( glaucomatous optic neuropathy).

The IOP is measured both by non contact tonometry(NCT) and Goldmannapplanation tonometry. The corneal thickness is measured(pachymetry) to determine the corrected IOP.

The visual fields are plotted using the Octopus 600 perimeter by Haag-Streit from Germany.

The retinal nerve fibre layer thickness is measured using the Topcon 3D Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT) from Japan.
This gives an accurate picture of the stage of glaucoma that the patient has and helps your Doctor in determining the target IOP that would prevent the patient’s optic nerve damage from progressing.

Glaucoma is usually managed medically( with eye drops), but if compliance to treatment is poor and/or control with medication is sub-optimal, then surgical procedure may be required.

Glaucoma microsurgery is performed ina modular operation theatre with laminar air flow facility, the best as per operation theatre guidelines by NABH(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals).

Refractive Surgery Services

Patients wearing thick spectacles or high power contact lenses desirous of getting freedom from spectacles/contact lenses are offered latest refractive surgery options suitable for their eyes.

They are first subjected to a dilated retinal examination to ensure that all is well in the back of their eyes prior to planning a laser vision correction procedure. If the patient has a retinal problem like retinal holes, it needs to be taken care of prior to planning LASIK surgery.

Once through, the patient is then subjected to pachymetry( corneal thickness at various points on the cornea) and topography ( which shows the curvature of the anterior and posterior surface of the cornea at various points. This is done using the Pentacam from Oculus Inc

Once the Doctor feels it is safe for the patients eyes to undergo refractive surgery, the patient is explained about the procedure in detail. Refractive surgery is performed using the WavelightAllegretto Wave laserby Alcon Inc.

Uveitis Services


Uveitis is a rare spectrum of eye disease characterized by swelling ( inflammation) inside the eye.

Your Uveitis specialist will examine the patient’s eye in a good quality slit lamp( TopconInc, Japan) and tell you what needs to be done about it.

Some uveitis are associated with retinal involvement(posterior uveitis). This will need further evaluation in the form of fundus fluorescein angiography(FFA) and/or Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT).

If it is associated with any other joint/ skin or respiratory disase, some blood tests may be required to come to a diagnosis and to plan further management.

Anterior uveitis is typically treated by eye drops, but posterior uveitis may need tablets or injections in the back of the eye in addition to drops.

Oculoplasty Services

We offer evaluation and surgical treatment of blockage in lacrimal passages, lid position problems ( ptosis), age related lid problems like everted ( ectropion) or inverted ( Entropion) lids.

Pharmacy Services


We have an in house licensed pharmacy manned by an experienced pharmacist which caters to our patients’ needs so they need not go elsewhere in search of medicines.

Opticals Services


We have a dedicated opticals store with experienced optometrists and skilled opticians, who will be able to recommend the correct type of spectacles or contact lenses as per your visual requirements.

The optical store houses a good selection of high quality frames across all price range and suitable for all age groups. These can be fitted with good quality lenses, as suggested by the optometrist/optician.

Every pair of glasses is doubly checked on the lensmeter from Topcon Inc., Japan for the accuracy of the power and whether it matches with the prescription.

Optometry Services


We have well trained and experienced optometrists who do the initial assessment of the patient’s eye.

They measure the power of the eye by an automated(computerized) machine called the autorefractometer by Topcon Inc., Japan and measure the intra-ocular pressure using the non-contact tonometer by Topcon Inc., Japan.

They would then do a subjective refraction and determine what would be the best power for you to see optimally, keeping in mind your visual requirements.

They may also ask for the refraction to be repeated after applying drops to the eye for dilatation in some patients, especially in children.

Clinical Laboratory Services


We have awell equipped clinical laboratory that can perform all blood tests (for sugar, lipids,cholesteroletc), renal, liver and thyroid function tests, urine microscopy and culture and lot more.

We also undertake advanced serological tests for viral infections, assays for connective tissue disease and rheumatological diseases etc.

Operation Theatre Complex


Akshara Eye Hospital boasts of operation theatres that are world class and state of the art. They have been built as per NABH guidelines for operation theatres with modular rooms with laminar air flow facility and three stage air filtration (with terminal HEPA filters) which ensures that no microorganism can enter the operating rooms.

The Central Sterile Supply Department( CSSD) has a fully automated pre and post vacuum autoclave by Hanshin, Korea.

The surgeon control panel ensures that the surgeon has complete control on the temperature, humidity and pressure within the operation theatre and also keep a check on the quality control mechanisms in place.

The operation theatre complex also houses two air-conditioned special wards and an air-conditioned general ward to monitor patients before and after surgery.
The OT complex is manned by senior nursing staff and OT technicians.